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King Pens is a custom handmade pen company located in Houston, TX. We specialize in fine writing instruments made from exotic woods and acrylics.  When you own a King Pen, you are holding the highest quality hand made pen you can own.  Backed by King Pens 1-Year warranty, we firmly stand behind every product we make and it shows!

The woods we use are handpicked, museum quality pieces.  We strive to only deliver the very best to our customers.  Whether you are seeking a ballpoint, roller ball, or fountain pen, King pens delivers a stunning work of art to you!  We offer customized pens as well with no additional charge.  We want our customers to stay with us for decades and our product shows it every day!


Over the years we have made thousands of pens for our customers.  At the time we would create custom pens and just have them on our shopping cart awaiting purchase.  This has not been a great strategy for us.  So what we are moving to now is a different system.  If you see a pen in our catalog that you like, or you have an idea for a custom pen, just contact us and let us know what you would like and we will custom make your pen for you upon ordering.  All pens from here on out will be made to order so that we don’t have to keep track of a large inventory.


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Custom Handmade Pens Made Simple

Our philosophy is simple:  design and create fine handmade pens from the finest materials on Earth at a reasonable price.  This is exactly what we follow.  We view our pens as works of art you can carry and use daily.  Each pen is meticulously handcrafted with no expense spared.

We know you can go to your local office supply store and pick up a pack of pens that will work just fine, but having a King Pen is making a statement about you.  It shows you have pride in your penmanship and an affinity for the finer things in life.  We sign our name to things all the time, but wouldn’t it be nice if you were buying a car or a house or landing that big business deal to pull out a pen that isn’t a disposable to commemorate the moment?  Even the President of the United States signs with numerous pens when signing a bill into law.

No document of importance in the history of man was signed with a disposable pen!