Company Mission

King Pens mission is to provide superior luxury writing instruments without the inflated luxury price.  We feel that everyone should have pride in their pens and their writing and therefore we will make every effort to insure your satisfaction with our products.  Your pen defines you, it accessorizes you and your wardrobe.  We aim to make you stand out from the rest.  We can make a pen that matches your clothing, your mood, even your car.  The only limitation is imagination.  Come see what King Pens can do for you.

We put our pens up against the big guys, and have.  The majority of the time the response we get is “WOW this feels great!”  “It writes like a dream.”  “How can I get one?”  We offer more option than our competitors, we offer a superior selection of materials and finishes and styles to help you have a truly unique pen!

Make a Bold Statement with a Handmade Writing Instrument

First impressions count. That is why the type of pen that you use reflects upon you. My handmade pens areQueen Monarch Pens made to the highest standards, and are works of art. Each one is guaranteed to make a great impression on you and those around you. Make an impact by giving a custom pen as a gift for that special occasion. I have fast (FREE) shipping (USPS Priority Mail) and great customer service.

King Pens are Collectible!

Start collecting King Pens!  Many times when I make a pen, they are going to be one-of-a-kind instruments that will not be made again due to the unique nature of the exotic woods I use to make them.  The pens you see listed here are the exact pen you will receive, so if you like one, you might want to pick it up before someone else buys your pen!  I look for unique and interesting woods when I am creating a pen and I try to find stuff no one else will get.  Start your collection today and become a King Pen Collector!  In addition, I have some pens which are very limited edition and once they are gone, no more will be in production.  This gives you exclusivity to various pens that are created by King Pens.

A Wide Variety of Writing Instruments

I carry a large selection of handcrafted Ballpoint, Rollerball and Fountain pens.  I am certain that you will find a style of pen that you will like or a pen that you can give for any occasion.

Quality that Makes the Difference

Each of my pens are made in America in my shop. I don’t outsource any production and all of my productswm the conqueror pen small are made by me. Each pen is made from the best materials from around the world. Whether it is an exotic wood or acrylic, you can rest assured that I have carefully hand selected the materials to ensure you a quality product.  My exotic wood pens are of the highest quality and each blank is hand selected to insure the best look for my pens.  I finish each pen by hand, with multiple layers of hand-rubbed finish to ensure a deep, rich finish that will last for years of continuous use. All of my pens are hand assembled and hand polished for a showroom finish.